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Create a Homey Front Entrance for Your Business

Whether you run a small business or a large company, it is important to have a nicely decorated front entrance. This space needs to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable. The best way to do this is to incorporate decor elements that you would use in your own home.

Create a Homey Front Entrance for Your Business

Choose Quality Flooring

Choose high quality flooring that can hold up under a lot of foot traffic. The floor in your business will take a beating over time. You don’t want it to look worn after just a short amount of time. This doesn’t mean that you have to go with a basic, unattractive tile. Instead, look for a commercial grade office carpeting. It is made with a tighter weave that is less likely to snag, fade or crush. It also reminds one of home more than standard issue tiles.

Comfortable Furniture

While you want furniture that is easy to clean, you don’t have to use typical waiting room seats and tables. Look for comfortable loveseats and chairs upholstered in a leather-like material that can be wiped clean. Pick out actual end tables that could be used in a family room, and top them with elegant table lamps for a softer lighting effect than overhead lights will provide.

Display Cases and Storage

Since this is an actual business, you will need a front desk, display cases for your products, and storage for all necessary business supplies. The cabinets greensburg pa homeowners enjoy can also work nicely in your front entrance. Some professional cabinetry suppliers can even custom make pieces to coordinate with the styles you choose. Top of cabinets and cases with a beautiful granite countertop that also gives the impression of being at home to complete the look in an attractive fashion.

By using flooring, furniture, and cabinetry that feels like home, you will have a beautiful front entrance that welcomes customers in. Once inside, they will feel comfortable, and you will have made a wonderful first impression.… Read More

Worried About Moving Your Piano? Don’t Be

The Stress Of Moving Day

For many households, moving day is one of the worst experiences that can befall their family. From tense arguments over how to pack and what needs to be placed in what boxes, to the exhaustion of actually packing and carrying all of those boxes to the truck, moving day can leave many with frayed nerves–not to mention a few bruises. This event can be even more stressful for those who need to move otherwise delicate objects. These can be expensive heirlooms, pianos, crystal, even items like highly-prized art or other such delicate items. You may not have the experience or know-how of how to transport these delicate items and as a result, they could become damaged during the move.

Worried About Moving Your Piano? Don't Be

To prevent that tragedy, you should consider moving companies in Clearwater, FL. Particularly, Small Moves is a company that actually trains their employees to handle delicate items.


Their Experience At Your Benefit

That piano, whether it’s old or new, is a prized possession. Even the slightest injury to it could be something that requires an expensive repair. The same could be said of art pieces. If the canvas is damaged, then the art piece effectively becomes worthless. Small Moves understands the delicacy required with these items. As such, they have a system in order that allows them to move those items in a fashion that limits the potential for damage. They’ll visit your home before the Move Day and measure the items that require special crating. With their measurements, they’ll build custom wooden crates to carry those items safely within during the move. Once the day arrives, those items will be carefully placed with the custom crates, and then delivered gently to the desired location.

Your satisfaction is greatly desired at Small Moves. As such, they will do all that they can to make sure your items, special and mundane, arrive at their intended destination safely. Their experience is yours from which to benefit.… Read More

5 Home Decors You Must Know in 2017

With every New Year, it comes a time to change home stylistic theme patterns, and the pattern conjecture of 2017 will provide you a ton to anticipate. When utility meets supportability, as an ever increasing number of rooms coordinate components from the outside with a common reason. Here are the five home décor tips that one must know in this year 2017, have a look:

  • The Bohemian look

The Bohemian look for the bedroom is all you need to do this year. You can utilize different sorts of plants; it does not matter if they are for real or decorative. Other than the plants you can use various textiles to provide the bedroom that bohemian look. It will make your bedroom chic and trendy both at the same time.

  • Colorful walls

The colorful walls are trending nowadays. People are using different paints for their walls at home and numerous sorts of wallpapers. It is something durable and practical. You can also go for cork walls. They look excellent if you choose the right location for them. You can use the tiles that coordinate with the theme of your bedroom. It creates a very smooth pattern and something that is eye catching in the very first look. It is also good if you like sound proofing because the cork walls somewhat block the sound coming from the outside.

  • The fury furniture

When it comes to the home décor, no one can forget the furniture. And nowadays the best thing that you can find about the furniture is fury furniture pieces. They look very classic and stylish. Also, they will provide you with the maximum comfort that you can ever wish for. They are comfortable and cozy. They can be utilized throughout the year, and they create the best look that no other furniture piece can ever do. So, get the faux fur furniture for your home and enjoy the luxury.

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  • The jewel tones

The jewel tones are making a comeback this year. It gives an effect of the nature theme and makes your bedroom look home look beautiful as ever. You can use cushions in jewel tones for the plain sofas and glider chairs that you have, throwaway blanket in a jewel tone for your daybed couch and much more. The sapphire blue, amethyst purples and emerald green are few of the best jewel colors that you can use for the decoration of your home.

  • The retro lighting

I would say that retro light is a combination of old and new. The retro lighting will make everything look good, and it does not require any efforts from your side. It is a straightforward thing of fashion and probably the finest trend when it comes to home decor.

These are the most trending home decor things you should follow in 2017. Stay safe!

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5 Reasons You Need More Houseplants in Your Life !

Why plantation is necessary for your well-being? It is not just important to have plants in your home for the purpose of home décor but it is important for your health as well.

Therefore, home décor experts strongly recommend adding a touch of green to your home décor in the form of succulent or potted plants, beautiful roses nicely arranged in vases in the corners or plants hanging on the walls.

Choice of plantations in home décor vary from room to room. For instance; if you are planning to decorate the kitchen; you can go for potted plants which can be arranged in different shelves or cabinets. Same composition can be applied to living room décor as well.

For bedrooms; however, you can go for vases. You can arrange the plants in the corners right beside the window so that they can draw out maximum oxygen and give maximum freshness to the overall ambiance.

Why it is important to have houseplants? Here are 5 basic reasons to have them in your home which will convince you to go and buy some today!

  1. Relaxing Environment:

Plants help to create a peaceful and calm ambiance all around. If you will add natural plantations to your home décor; you will ultimately feel a beautiful sense of calmness as they will help you to breathe easily.

While decorating your living room; make sure that you add a few houseplants placed near the window so that with every breath that you take; you feel fresh.

  2. Humidity Controllers:

Plants are natural humidifiers and help to control the high humidity levels in the air. It is because of this reason that houseplants are recommended to be added in home décor.

With the process of transpiration; houseplants can help you regulate the dry cold air in the home, thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere all around.

  3. Get Creative:

You can apply all your creativity skills to the houseplants if you are ready to incorporate them in your home décor this year.

Over the recent years; the trend of glass painted vases and colorful potted plants has become immensely popular and they look absolutely stunning. Moreover, if you are a collector of antiques; you can even go for vintage themed flower vases as well.

  4. Allergy-Savers:

 Plants are natural disease fighters. They help to purify the air inside your home and thus make it a germs-free zone.

As a result; you feel more fresh and alive. If you are allergic to dust; make sure that you buy some succulent plants and place them near the window. Not only these plants will look beautiful but also they will help to make your home free of allergies and toxins.

  5. Stress-Busters:

 Last but not the least; houseplants are considered to be the natural source of stress relief. That’s why the houseplants are strongly recommended to be a major part of your home décor as per the home décor experts.

You can experience it yourself how quick you will feel … Read More