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Do we lose if you buy a car with Credit, Really ?

Buying a car on credit  would be one solution to have a car. You can directly use the car from the dealership without having to deposit the money in large quantities. Because the payment is made to be paid in installments every month until the set time. No wonder so many are interested in buying a car on credit because of the convenience. A discussion of credit and so much more detail later in

Some claimed that buying a car on credit is actually detrimental. How can? If counted and added up, the total mortgage loan that you pay compared to the price of the car if purchased in cash must be more expensive and that is why the so-called adverse credit. Installments you pay each month is not a pure price cuts on the price of your car but has been added to the interest so that price becomes more expensive cars.

So, if someone says to buy a car on credit is harmful, is true. In fact, the car price we pay to be more expensive than its original price. In addition, the value of the car are being reduced due to usage. By the time your car loan is completed, the selling price of your car when it could’ve slipped away from the previous price. That’s why buying a car on credit is quite detrimental.

Talking about the loss or absence of buying a car on credit actually depends on how you vote. There are a few things you need to know from car loans. Who knows by knowing these things, you change your perception that turns the car loan is not entirely detrimental.

There are a number of things to consider if you want to buy a car.

  1. Increase in Price

Prices of vehicles, especially cars, each year tends to rise. There are several factors that influence the rise or fall of the price of the car, including production costs, inflation, and others associated with the legalization of buying and selling. These factors difficult to ascertain its stability. Therefore, if you intend to buy a car, do not put it off too long.

  1. Needs

Find out if you really need a car. Lest they buy a car, you are overwhelmed in meeting basic needs. Costs such as fuel costs and service / maintenance must be included in your monthly spending later in addition to auto loans. That means there is a new liability that financial burden.

You have to be really sure of the reason why the car so it needs. If it’s a matter of time because of the high mobility in the work and you happen to live outside the city away from the workplace, the right would set the car as a necessity.

If only, you finally decide to buy a car on credit for fear of price rises next year and increasing job mobility. First of all, you need to know your financial capabilities. If financially, you are able to … Read More

There’s No Place like a Restored Home

gbr-artikel-1nop2016-fariz-copyYou never know when you will stumble upon your next restoration project.  I certainly didn’t expect a trip to the beauty salon to lead me to a gorgeous mid-century ranch house in need of tlc, but that’s what happened.  I had long thought of owning a mid-century home like the one I grew up in out on the West coast, but they were in short supply in the town I now live in.  That is why I was so surprised to see a ranch among the traditional homes that are so common in our city.  I noted the location of the house and jotted down the realtor’s number and sped off to my appointment.

While I sat there getting my hair cut and styled I keep thinking how cool it would be to use a Groupon to get an incredible deal on that house like the one I got at the salon.  I saved more than 50% on the salon services by using a Groupon coupon that I pulled up on my smart phone at the salon.  And because I was a new customer, I got an additional $25 off the service.  Now that might not seem like much, but that $25 would cover a gallon of paint.

When I returned home and told my husband about the house he agreed to take a look at it.  I honestly didn’t know what his reaction would be.  He does love a good challenge; but restoring an old house is a daunting task and I didn’t know if he would want to take on that big a project.  Like me, he had done a few restoration projects; stripping old barn doors and installing reclaimed hardware, but nothing like a four bedroom, three bath house.  Fortunately he loved the house as much as I did and we put an offer on it.  After much trepidation and going back and forth with the owner our offer got accepted.  Now that we have moved in I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I not taken a turn down the wrong street on the way to the salon that day.  Since then we have used Groupons to buy tons of stuff for our remodeling projects.  Just think;  I got a great deal on a hairstyle and my dream home because of a Groupon coupon.… Read More