Questions About Plumbing You Must Know the Answers To

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The Importance of a Website to a Plumbing Contractor There was a time when contractors depended largely on word-of-mouth ads, the Yellow Pages, classifieds, and posters. Even as these methods remain effective, wiser contractors have also brought their business where it truly matters now – the Internet. Search Engines and Their Importance Less people nowadays are using phone books and newspapers to search for services they need. What is the reason? It’s just because typing phrases or words into a web search box is a whole lot easier than looking for the correct alphabetical category or flipping through pages. Many contractors still believe that search engines are merely for worldwide listings, but that is not true at all. Search engines can be just as effective for local company searches.
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If you’re a plumbing contractor with a website, you can completely tailor and optimize your site so that it gets a high ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This will automatically give you an edge against your competitors.
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Tips for Designing Your Plumbing Contractor Website Of course, aside from SEO, there are a few other things you must consider when creating your plumbing contractor website, like: Design Your website design has to be consistent with your brand or message. It must make sense in relation to your work as a plumber. Navigation Navigation is how visitors get from one part to another on your website. Definitely, this should this should come easy, and there must be no dead links absolutely. Contact Details Once they have explored your website, the first thing you’ll want them to do is to call or email you. That means the worst thing you can do is to make your contact details hard to find. Many successful websites put it on the top right corner of every page. Job Samples and References Another potentially crucial part of your website as a plumbing contractor is a page or a number of pages showing photos of some of your previous work. You may also ask some of your most satisfied clients to post testimonials about you. Making the Most Out of Your Website Exploit your website to inform people about what it is you’re doing! Tell them who you are and how you ended up being in this business. Show them what you can do for them and why they should use you over your competitors. A Website, An Investment It’s undeniable. Hiring a professional to build you a well-crafted and optimized plumbing contractor website will set you back a little. But once that is done, you can expect minimal maintenance costs as compared to the returns you can expect. Smart companies are now giving priority to web development and site building as part of their start up costs – and you should look at it the same way as well.