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An Overview of Nursery Gliders The term nursery gliders is commonly applied in reference to gliding chairs. Other common names for gliding chairs include gliders, platform rockers, rockers, or rocking chairs. They are commonly used in parenting endeavors. Rocking chairs are types of chairs that move in a swinging fashion. This ideal rocking motion (swinging) is permitted because the entire chair is supported by a curved base that easily swings from end to end. The chairs swing back and forth as a result of the deliberate shifting of the weight of the occupant or a light push with their feet to elicit the movement. In most cases, the rocking chair is predominantly composed of wood. There are special rocking chairs that can be folded and easily moved from place to place as the parent/ user so desires. Parents, especially mothers, all over the earth, from the morning of the world, have had trouble taking care of their infant babies as they also go around some of their duties. This has often made the task of parenting and taking care of the home very tedious for the average mother. Babies love these rocking chairs because in them they find feelings of joy, safety and comfort. The rocking chair imitates the mother’s safe and soothing rocking arms and can thus be useful to keep the baby at rest while the mother goes to other businesses or gets rest.
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When the mother sits on these chairs to breastfeed the child or to soothe them into sleep, the mother who is tired from many chores of the home is also able to attain needed rest in these special and comfortable seats. When the mother sits on the chair with the baby then initiates smooth movement of the chair, the baby is calmed. As a consequence of the soothing movement, the baby freely breastfeeds devoid of unnecessary distractions and discomfort. In addition, this sweet motion cajoles the baby to go to sleep. Sleep is essential in the growth and development of these infants.
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The gliders have thus proved essential parenting aids in the contemporary home. However, a good nursery glider must be safe and located away from common household dangers such as fire, water, and electricity. Such precautions ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe from accidents in the home, especially when rocking in the chair. Such also require that faulty nursery gliders are immediately fixed, or replaced. The comfort of the nursery is imperative in the quest for the utmost soothing effect on the baby and its mother. The rocking chair should also be placed close to other playing toys of the child and close to the baby’s crib.