Fireplace MantelsA faux wood fireplace mantel brings character to any room. Its wealthy, rustic look adds beauty and style to a selection of interior designs. Even improved, it is less difficult to set up than a genuine wood mantelpiece and a lot additional sturdy.

We assist our consumers with every step of their fireplace mantel remodeling project from taking correct field measurements, through giving architectural drawings, delivering and installing their new, spectacular fireplace mantels. We also service contractors and designers with many fireplace mantel and architectural precast remodeling projects. Furthermore, we take pride in our potential to present our clientele with any custom fireplace mantel design, using either cast stone or all-natural stone. We also give a vast choice of custom overmantels, to make a breathtaking focal-point in any household interior.

It was at this time that Jason reduce out a 22 1/2” wide by 19 1/2” high portion of the beadboard so that we could insert the electric fireplace. The bottom of this cut began about two 1/4” off of the floor to let the hearth to slip underneath. We bought the fireplace insert at Menards when it was on sale. The brand is Chimney Totally free.

This is a wonderful symmetrical black and white show. The lack of color (except that pop of red), two bones, and the realistic skull commence this show out with a spooky feel, but the other products are not truly obviously scary. There is, even so, a chilling feel brought on by the spiky nature of the wreath, and the pointy white spirals, as properly as the bat garland which just about looks like barbed wire.

The Grandstock Series capabilities our extremely personal cast stone mantel designs, inspired by your preference. We listen to our clientele and we’ve noticed which designs are common possibilities. With the Grandstock Series, we make it even easier to own a precast stone mantels and fireplaces that we can customize to fit your space. Omega offers a prepared-created cast stone mantle, while maintaining a custom-look and feel, at a fraction of the cost.

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Fireplace MantelsWhat’s a fireplace with out a fireplace mantel? It would be a lonely hole in the wall had been light comes from. Creepy isn’t it? A fireplace mantel is a substantial element of the entire fireplace setup of a residence. Without having the mantel, there wouldn’t be considerably to be excited about a fireplace.

The openings you describe are certainly popular on a lot of models of circulating fireplace. This would let a fan or pair of fans to be made use of to circulate air. However, we only offer blowers for certain units. We do not sell them by dimension. On the other hand, theoretically, you could order a pair of blowers and alter as required. In order to verify availability of components, please provide the model number and manufacturer name of the fireplace. This can be identified on the construct plate, which is frequently affixed to the wall of the fireplace, just behind the screens. It may perhaps also be located in the floor of the fireplace, beneath the concrete liner.

All-natural Stone – marble, travertine, slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, and onyx can all be hand-carved into wonderful mantels. Limestone is the most typical all-natural stone made use of for carving mantels and is generally the least expensive. Regardless of whether extremely decorated or really uncomplicated, your stone fireplace mantel will have the character and exceptional patterns of all-natural rock. The complicated veining in the marble and some of the other stones can stand on their own as decoration without any accent. Organic stone fireplace mantels will usually be additional high priced than cast stone simply because of each the materials and the artisanship.

This is a pretty different Christmas mantel scarf in that it has completely distinct colors than most I’ve ever observed. I am familiar with the 1 that sells these designs, and typically they are offered in the earth tones I’ve pointed out earlier, despite the fact that this a single is not pretty representative of that, which is why I included it among the Christmas scarf mantels shown right here.

The third most popular mantel style is the metal fireplace mantel. Broadly made use of all through Europe, the metal mantel is developed to supply maximum heat output with minimal size. Despite the fact that uncommon in most modern day housing in the US, you can nevertheless discover metal fireplace mantels at farm auctions about the country as a lot of of the farm housing at the turn of the century incorporated them into developing practice at the time. Metal fireplace mantels are catching on and interior decorators are incorporating them a lot more and extra into properties.… Read More

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Fireplace MantelsRegency Bellavista B36XT fireplace. Custom mantel inspired by Sunset magazine and constructed by John Rush. East Sacramento, CA.

When you are picking out the kind of fire and fireplace to fit you must also take into account the cost of the annual upkeep of the unit and the chimney. You have to get this accomplished to avoid the risk of house fires. When people today go over marble for household renovations 95 percent of the time they are speaking about countertops and floors for kitchens and bathrooms.

As soon as the base has been constructed and the fireplace unit installed, you are ready to build the Adobe Spanish Grotto. This is not as really hard as it could appear. Its all wood framing, and incorporates boxes comparable to the base for all the Adobe caves. Leave the front pedestal for final and function on the reduced half initial. This will rely on the style of fireplace and the form of model you choose. Listen to your marble mason and take his assistance. Lay the stockings beneath the Christmas tree, awaiting Santa. Christmas morning, lay them on leading of the brightly wrapped packages.

Be the very first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special provides and promotions from your favorite dwelling improvement brands. We’ll even send you standard reminders to enter our sweepstakes. If you are considering about having a tree tattoo, right here are some interpretations of what they imply and hyperlinks to videos and resources for photos to use to assistance jump-get started your imagination.

I hope that this verify list equips you to obtain a superb marble fireplace that will give you pleasure for decades to come! In today’s world, it appears that just about any topic is open for debate. When I was gathering details for this post, I was fairly surprised to find some of the difficulties I thought were settled are truly nevertheless becoming openly discussed. You could not consider every thing you just study to be vital info about a rustic fireplace mantel. But never be surprised if you come across your self recalling and utilizing this really details in the next few days.… Read More

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Fireplace MantelsThe width of the mantels will differ depending on the size of the log, but the narrowest pieces are about 7 inches wide and the widest can be as substantially as 12 inches or far more. Frequently the all-natural shape of the log can bring about the mantel to vary in width along its length.

The main incentive for builders to use electric fireplaces in their projects is that they are simpler and less high-priced to install than their traditional counterparts however still deliver the fireplace impact that a lot of buyers are looking for. Though ease and affordability are important components for modern day architects, a important priority is also sustainability. An electric fireplace insert gives the added benefits of being much more environmentally friendly than wood and gas burning fireplaces which is at the heart of the green” constructing movement.

A new countertop quickly updates the look of your kitchen and adds worth to your home. Each and every kitchen countertop professionally installed by The Property Depot is beautifully made to suit your way of life and spending budget. Leave it to our professionals to assist you choose and install this tasteful addition to your kitchen, so all you have to do is take pleasure in it.

You can use varying shapes and sizes of displays on your fireplace mantel. Position them in such a way that each has its personal breathing space and they ought to not appear overcrowded. It is far better to decorate utilizing various smaller sized pieces than just one particular large piece on your fireplace mantel. A big piece on the fireplace mantel is pretty obvious, and unless you want it to be the center of attraction in the area and not the fireplace vignette, you may possibly want to reconsider utilizing it.

This was a incredibly good expertise by it self. Ethan was a correct experienced and really knowledgeable about his goods. He helped us pick the ideal fireplace for our master bedroom. Ethan was pretty patient answering all our concerns. The crew that came to install was truly clean and very skilled as nicely they covered all the furniture’s and did the complete installation in many hours as was promised. The value we paid for the entire project like the instillation was incredibly considerably in line but the service and top quality have been really outstanding.… Read More

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Fireplace MantelsHave you ever heard of the Gel Flame Fireplace? It is an environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional wood burning fireplace. Thousands of men and women are switching to Gel Flame Fireplaces everyday. Just before you make the choice, here are some issues that you really should know.

I also chose the artwork more than the mantel to reflect the season. I inherited this vintage watercolor of woodland fowl, and created a new mat for it for the reason that the frame and print were in very good shape, but the mat was stained. Not only does it bring a touch of nature into the room, but its antique quality has some character. If you do a fantastic job, you can not your fireplace with you, for the reason that the individuals who purchase your spot will insist that it keep as component of the acquire value.

For a wood fireplace mantel you can choose to use every thing from pine to oak, cherry, walnut and several other individuals. The benefit right here is in lowered charges. You can also paint the wood to give it a custom look that matches your rooms colour scheme as well. Victorian style has at least grow to be one thing I can appreciate right now. In the previous, I couldn’t get beyond what I saw as clutter…Very good function here.

Enjoy the big cooking fireplace. Okay so this won’t go in our living or loved ones area, but its nevertheless a fun option. A comparable image truly lead to our need for possessing a mantel like hood more than the kitchen variety. Look at the size of logs you can match in the firebox! The arched limestone ceiling is also remarkable. For decades the outside fireplace was abandoned. Now the outdoor rooms comprehensive with a fireplace are chic. My favourite outdoor fireplace is pictured final. That is the ultimate, a light chilly breeze and the evening sky aware and the fireplace roaring with bright light and warmth.

Defected, denailed, and kiln dried, these age-old timbers precut to your specified length and completed with your specified shade of finish. Get in touch with now to get started! Even though commonly a wood beam is seen in the loved ones space, the billiard space is also ideal. The contrast of a jukebox in the corner is an interesting juxtaposition against the triple play of wood in the room.… Read More