Fireplace Mantels In Central Ohio

Fireplace MantelsApparently I am not the greatest at juggling 3 small youngsters, a full time job, a side gig, a property, everything else that life brings AND a blog because I haven’t posted in eight months! yikes! It feels like it was only a few and then when I looked back I was like whoa.

This is what the horizontal piece looks like when connected to the legs. In the photo there is a scrap piece of wood on the best. I have a handful of good friends and consumers who have been asking for mantel styling inspiration. And there are two fireplaces in our subsequent place, so I could use a small inspiration myself. The degree of decoration on a Victorian fireplace mantel revealed social class and the social value of a area. In operating-class homes the fireplace was plain, but the more than-mantle was incredibly ornamental and made of wood, which was stained or painted.

Classic and timeless- nothing at all speaks ‘fireplace’ like a wood mantel. The warmth and luster of wood, and it’s potential to be shaped in endless manner, supplies the perfect material with which to frame your fireplace. Architects in Greek and Roman history are the ones accountable for the earliest fireplace surround mantels. When I got mine up and stood back I was amazed at how great and realistic it looks. Subsequent will be some matching beams for the vaulted ceiling in the identical room. Thanks once again for a superb item.

Another simple and elegant cast stone (limestone?) mantel employed in this bedroom. This situation is incredibly related to ours. If the mantel and firebox were not there, it would be tricky to detect a masonry fireplace behind the wall. Stone has been utilized around the fire given that man initially learned how …

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