How To Give Your Fireplace A Facelift

Fireplace MantelsCustom fireplace or mantelArt Nouveau saw a breakdown of hierarchies between decorative arts, sculpture and architecture. Accordingly, this statement fireplace, while purely a superficial mantel, adds sculptural and decorative form to an architectural element that is each curvaceous and sinuous.

Fireplace mantels are arguably the centerpiece of any fireplace in your residence. The mantel is used to retailer antiques, collectibles, or other individual memorabilia that you would like to share with pals and family members. With today’s fireplaces, numerous people today opt for a custom fireplace mantel. Here’s a look at some of the things you will want to know about a mantel ahead of creating a decision.

Fireplace mantels are functional style elements that add character and depth to your area although displaying your exceptional taste and style. A rustic fireplace mantel can transform a living room. A mantel, no matter if you choose to have an whole surround or just the shelf mantel, could be just what the interior designer ordered for a dull living room.

The fireplace mantel is one more fireplace accessory that frequently gets overlooked. By putting up a few pictures and decorating items you can dramatically boost the look and really feel of your mantel. Take the time to study my weblog on fireplace mantel decorating ideas to learn about all of the great methods that you showcase your home’s mantel.

If you are more interested in photographs on your mantel, appear for ones that complement your Victorian fireplace mantel without the need of blending in. Attempt blending elegant metal frames with an intricately carved Victorian mantel, but save frames with harsh lines for a basic, rounded mantel design and style. Blend metal with wood if you like, but make confident that the colors are various enough to make your frames truly stand out …

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