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Band SawBand saws use thin, flexible, continuous steel strips with cutting teeth on one edge. They are employed mostly for cutting curves in stock or in meals processing plants to reduce and trim meat, poultry, and fish. The blade runs on two pulleys, driver and idler, and by means of a work table where material is manually fed. Automatic feeds can be utilised for production cutting. Even so, this machine is generally regarded as a manual-feed tool. The two varieties of band saws, horizontal and vertical, are named for their respective cutting blade positions.

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There are certain precautions to be taken in order to shield the blades from premature wearing. For instance, when the blades are new, they are as well sharp, and any rigorous action on it will lead to harm to its teeth. In order to avoid premature put on, producers suggest a break-in action for new saw blades. This can be carried out by decreasing the speed of sawing in the initial period, normally to half of the regular speed. Decreasing the feed …

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