Antique Wood & Marble Carved Fireplace Mantels For Sale In PA

Fireplace MantelsMost of our classic wood fireplace mantels are created to order no matter if they are typical or custom sized fireplace surrounds. We can make you a custom fireplace mantel in any style for your fireplace from an oak mantel to a painted poplar mantel, Mantels Direct can construct it.

The next outside fireplace decision you will will need to make is what materials of construction you will use. In terms of materials, outdoor fireplace designs typically make use of stone mainly because it does not rust or rot away like metal or wood does. Stone also a natural material so it blends in properly in the organic surroundings of your backyard. A brick outside fireplace is also widespread for the exact same explanation. For extra data on outside fireplace design and style, watch the video beneath.

My wife located the internet site making use of GOOGLE. I was suspicious mainly because SHE finds the job but I have to do the installation. I can use a hammer and screwdriver but I am not a carpenter and do not have a lot of expert tools. I was afraid of ruining my brand new sheetrock walls. I delayed the project as long as I could fearing it would be tricky or more complex than the web site produced it look.

Corbels play a large aspect in adding character and architectural detail to a mantel. A lot of European mantels consist of elaborate corbels, which are structural brackets produced of wood, metal or stone. While corbels on wooden mantels are employed mostly for decorative purposes, they are a lot more structural when applied to help stone or metal.

Electric fireplaces offer you a lot of solutions for buyers. First, they provide a comfortable heat that is economical to run. For instance, electric heating units can be run for ordinarily about half of the expense of a comparable gas heating unit. For properties with traditional fireplaces, most of the heat from the wood logs or even a gas flame ends up going out of the chimney. This is not the case with electric heating mainly because no venting is necessary, a much bigger percentage of the warmth stays inside the property.