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Rolling DoorsWhen deciding how to install sliding closet doors, there are two basic varieties to select from – major hung or bottom rolling. The panels are built to hang from an overhead trolley in a top hung system, and considering that the trolley hangers bear the entire weight, it is a lot easier to move the door. However, there is a maximum weight that a major track can carry. Panels are produced to rest on roller wheels operating on a foot track in a bottom rolling method. It is not as simple to glide over the door but this sort can accommodate weightier panels.

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Bars are classified by the method by which they are rolled e.g. DF 12mm or TOR 25mm. Deformed bars are dispatched with out twisting though TOR bar has to be twisted. Bars are twisted because of structural requirements. TOR bars are cold worked later soon after leaving the mill. Helix angle of TOR bar is about 25 degrees. The good quality of the completed product is commonly great but surface texture will deteriorate with escalating temperature. So cold rolling produces a larger top quality finish than hot rolling.

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