Band Saw Blades

Band SawI received your saw and set it up more than the weekend, and am impressed. Compared to my table saw, this is a piece of fine machinery, just like it says on the box. All the directions were clear and set up was intuitive, incredibly pleased with your product. I have not set up the 12 inch extension yet, but anticipate that to be as easy as the rest.

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I have been using mine to reduce out circles to make centering rings because I fly higher power rockets. I have to agree that the blade that comes with the saw is the pitts, but Harbor Frieght sells some superior narrow blades due to the fact that is what I have to have. I only want that Harbor Frieght sold an adjustable circke jig for it. That way I would not have to make one.

Wear appropriate clothes although making use of your vertical band saw. This rule applies when you are employing any machine tool, irrespective of whether it is for woodworking, metalworking or hedge trimming. Prevent wearing anything that can get caught up in the band saw blade or tangled in your work. Wearing a extended sleeved shirt is a definite no, as would be a scarf or necktie, or hanging jewelery, it is popular sense actually.

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