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Wall PaintingWall paintings had existed due to the fact the earliest history of mankind. Pictorial text on cave walls and on the pillars of ancient civilizations at some point morphed into text characters of some of the most generally utilised languages currently such as the Chinese and Indian languages. As such, we can see that photographs and paintings are basic and critical components of human development that serve to communicate suggestions and messages.

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret (January 7, 1852 – July 3, 1929), was born in Paris, France. He was raised by his grandfather just after his father, a tailor, immigrated to Brazil, and he later became a single of the major members of the Academic school of artists. His superb paintings give us a flavour of French peasant life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Murals can be a somewhat effective tool of social emancipation or attaining a political aim. 10 Murals have occasionally been created against the law, or have been commissioned by nearby bars and coffeeshops. Often, the visual effects are an enticement to attract public consideration to social concerns. State-sponsored public art expressions, specifically murals, are typically applied by totalitarian regimes as a tool of propaganda. Even so, in spite of the propagandist character of that works, some of them still have an artistic value.

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