Christmas Mantels (Or Mantles?)

Fireplace MantelsIf you get pleasure from the beauty of limestone fireplace mantels but not necessarily the value, a cast stone mantel might be a suitable option.

Initially, develop a frame operate about the fireplace unit itself. The framing and surround including any covering need to not pass the front of the fireplace unit for fire code and safety factors. So your framing must be placed behind the facing by approx a half inch. The major of the frame operate need to be a small greater than the actual mantel shelf. This will supply a layered look for the mantel when completed.

Burning candles will not provide substantially warmth like burning wood, but they can make the area just as lovely and cozy. Try decorating your unused fireplace with a candle-holder centerpiece or candle jars of various sizes and colors. If your hearth has some extra space, antique figurines or dainty pottery pieces may be amazing items to accompany those candles. This makeover idea permits plenty of space for creativity. Just let your inner artist have some fun!

We selected a custom-sized overlap-fit fireplace door for a masonry fireplace. This provided us the simplest installation for our fireplace variety and develop. We chose a copper-toned satin finished metal frame with smoke colour bi-fold glass doors. A sliding screen came with our choice. We gave our measurements to the salesperson and paid the doors would be drop-shipped to our house in about two months.

As with any fireplace project, safety is paramount. National codes call for at least six inches of clearance all about the firebox and an further 1 inch for every ⅛ inch a mantel protrudes from the surface neighborhood codes may be stricter. So tailor your design and style or pick your item accordingly. A cardboard template can aid you decide no matter whether a mantel is the suitable size and scale for your space. And make sure to safe it adequately to the fireplace—find full directions at thisold /bonus. Set up a single soon, and you’ll appreciate how it frames your preferred gathering spot.