Fireplace Mantel Decor Inspiration Photos

Fireplace MantelsEach of our wood fireplace mantel surrounds is crafted in the USA one particular at a time. Cost-free shipping is readily available on all mantel orders and most unfinished typical size mantels ship within 7 days!

If you are hunting for a compromise involving the price of a limestone fireplace mantel and the lack of a particular style of pre-made cast mantels to suit your taste, consider a custom stone piece. The price tag for a custom piece is somewhat larger than an off the shelf cast stone mantel, but you will be capable to have it created to your precise specifications. Also, if you agree to let the mold maker continue to use the mold for other pieces, he could present you a slight discount. If you would prefer your piece to be a correct one-of-a-kind creation, the mold maker will break the mold when your piece has been cast, making sure its uniqueness.

A wonderful option in fireplace mantels is a magnificent marble mantel. Marble is a beautiful stone, it really is dense, and possesses absolute beauty. A marble fireplace mantel simply lasts as extended or even longer as a wood mantel, or a concrete mantel. Marble mantels require pretty much no maintenance and lasts for hundreds of years. A lovely fireplace mantle is not just making your residence greater for you, but it really is generating your property superior for guests and family members gatherings. The addition of such a mantle can increase your home worth, making it a extended-term investment on your property, as opposed to just dollars spent.

I would adore to see your tips for a corner fireplace. It appears that most houses (at least where we reside) have corner fireplaces. They are so awkward and really hard to decorate in my opinion. I’d adore to see if you have some tips! The leading of the fireplace is huge enough to match some TV’s, but not ours, so it has a large open space. Ugly.

Cast stone is a fine concrete like material that is usually utilized for coating the outer surfaces of buildings to give them the look of additional high-priced cultured stone. It is made by mixing crushed bits of limestone, sand or other aggregate, and a bonding agent till a thick liquid paste is formed. The mixture is then applied to the surface of yet another material, if it is being used for construction purposes, or poured into pre-formed mold, if it is getting made use of to form a cast stone mantel.