Fireplace Mantels Design and style (2)

Fireplace MantelsI consider most folks under estimate the value of fireplace mantels. The correct fireplace mantel can actually transform a area from ordinary to extraordinary. What ever type of wall inserted fireplace you have, it will look greater with a mantel.

If you have a fireplace mantel shelve, you possibly have at least one particular candle on it. It’s a conventional item to have on a mantelpiece. Lighting candles on fireplace shelves can add a touch of romance to the area and set the ideal mood. However, if you let your candles burn for a prolonged period of time, wax can end up on the surface of your beautiful mantel, leaving stains and a general mess. So when it comes to fireplace shelves, retain an eye on the candles you location on them.

That bedroom fireplace is exquisite! I adore the crusty painted patina…and am wondering what you have behind it! 🙂 Tv probably. Each and every inch of your household feels so fantastic but not in a stuffy way. Thank you for sharing your personal space and ideas on how to very best incorporate the appear in our homes. I am prepared for our temps to dip a little, as the wood is prepared, but it isn’t cool sufficient for an indoor fire…but!

If you do get the likelihood to have a fireplace mantels, have it built as breath taking as you possibly can. They do a great job of being a space where you can position a vase or these gorgeous performs of art that you purchased from Africa. They also deliver protection by ensuring that the fire burns how it is meant to and not to burn the home to the ground.

This room is centered about a bay developed with a vaulted ceiling and wood beams. The windows have the added architectural interest of the mullions and notice how the wood on the windows is distinctive from the floor and the ceiling beams The woods compliment each other beautifully. The window woodwork extremely smooth and formal and the flooring and ceiling beams rough hewed and rustic.