How To Construct A Wood Mantel

Fireplace MantelsThere is just some thing about a fireplace that tends to make a warm not only really feel warmer since of the apparent, but also simply because of what it represents. There was a time when we did not have heating or air conditioning in homes. In the winter, the room or rooms with the fireplaces were where folks congregated. Fireplace mantels definitely represent a focal area for your space.

With the exception of the skilled installation of the Regency Wood Burning insert, this was a full ‘do-it-yourself’ project for my husband. This was his very first encounter with cultured stone, and we are exceptionally pleased with the final results. We’ve enjoyed fires almost each and every evening given that the installation in January.

This complete project only cost $300.00 and took 1 weekend. We truly did not have a clue initially what to do but after we got a plan formed in our head the rest went quite smoothly. After much deliberation we decided not to spend thousands of dollars on a gas fireplace but to install an electric fireplace insert which was on sale. The basement was already heated so we felt that an electric fireplace would provide enough heat to take the chill off and add to the ambiance of the area.

Who does not want a fireplace with a fabulous fireplace mantel as a focal point for their living area or master bedroom suite? Fireplaces have such charm and character, and when lit, whether or not you have wood burning or propane or organic gas, they just develop an immediate cozy feeling for any area in your home. Particularly great is the ambiance it creates when you have good friends and family members more than for a dinner or evening. And even though cool fall nights are excellent for a fire, nothing is as unique as having a fireplace to gather about than cold winter nights when you are just staying inside watching the snow come down outside.

Monessen Allura-Fire, also referred to as Majestic Allura-Fire because Monessen purchased the Majestic Corporation in 2008, provides quick, easy, and versatile installation two viewing location sizes wattages between 1,500 and three,000, based on model adjustable flame, ember, heater, blower, and backlight controls a concealed manage panel and a multi-function remote handle cool to the touch glass panel door automatic back-up battery CSA certified 1-year warranty. The firm says you can save as much as $200.00 in annual fuel fees. Starting expense is $700.00. Once again, verify with off and on line retailers for the very best rates.