How to Remove Wallpaper from Plaster

How to Remove Wallpaper from Plaster

When you’re wondering how to remove wallpaper from plaster, you’re probably wondering how to perforate layers of paper or paint before attempting to pull it off. There are a few ways to do so, including scoring, perforating, and using PIRANHA Gel. The process will depend on the type of plaster you’re working with, but the general concept is the same: Perforate layers of paper or paint, remove them one at a time, and make sure not to pull the plaster!

Dry stripping

While dry stripping wallpaper is not as difficult as wet stripping, the task is still not an easy one. Depending on the type of wallpaper, you may need to soak the walls to loosen the glue. If the wallpaper is porous, you will need to soak it for about ten minutes, while non-porous  wallpapers do not need to be soaked. Depending on the size of the room, you can try different methods, such as scoring or spraying. When you begin stripping, be sure to turn off the electricity and work in four-foot-wide sections. This way, you won’t have to worry about over-soaking your walls.


To remove painted-on wallpaper, the easiest way to start is by scoring the paper. Scoring allows water, steam, or a stripper to penetrate and soften the old wallpaper paste. You can use a scoring tool like the Stanley Max Orbital Wallpaper Scorer to give even scoring throughout the paper. If you don’t have a scoring tool, a Stanley knife or scissors will do the trick. Before applying the new wallpaper, you should apply an acrylic primer.


Removing wallpaper can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Perforating plaster is one of the easiest ways to remove wallpaper. Before beginning, prepare your working area. Get a garbage pail and a ladder if necessary. Wear old clothes and gloves because the dust from the old wallpaper will stick to you. Before beginning, make sure you have a working space free of clutter. Listed below are some helpful tips to help you remove the wallpaper.


When you need to remove wallpaper from plaster, you can use PIRANHA Gel Wallpaper Remover. It works quickly and effectively, and penetrates deep into the wallpaper to loosen it. The concentrate is suitable for use on both plaster and wallpaper. You should dilute it with water first before applying it on the wall, and wear long sleeves and pants when working. For your safety, you may also use plastic goggles while working with the product.

Putty knife

Before stripping wallpaper, make a test patch about 2 feet by 2 feet. Try to pick a seam that is similar in size to the rest of the job. This way, you will know how well the wallpaper is attached and how many layers you need to remove. You should also know if the wall is plaster or drywall before stripping the wallpaper. After the test patch is removed, you can continue to the entire job.

PIRANHA Wallpaper Remover

If you’re ready to remove your wallpaper and plaster, consider using PIRANHA Wallpaper Remover. This concentrated liquid is ideal for stripping large areas of wallpaper, and is available in a wide variety of sizes to match your needs. This wallpaper remover comes in a spray bottle and can cover 75 square feet of wall space. Its no-drip formula makes it easy to use, and it dissolves even the most stubborn drywall and paste residues.