Fireplace MantelsWe were quite satisfied to have identified a house that was excellent for us at a reasonable price tag and in actually good shape. The most important floor was properly kept and up to date with tough wood floors, new cupboards, windows, and so forth. All it needed was some paint to make it ours.

Our principal purpose is to construct superior merchandise making use of only the finest supplies. If you require a fireplace mantel for your personal dwelling, Agee Woodworks will provide an eye-catching handcrafted solution that you will be satisfied with for years to come. Give us the opportunity to show you why, when it comes to woodworking Agee Woodworks is your very best source.

A custom designed fireplace mantel is the best option if you want a fireplace mantel especially for your area and decor. Consultants and designers can operate with you in order to make the very best alternatives when designing a custom fireplace mantel. Having said that, before any individual can help you design the fireplace mantel of your dreams, do some homework. Look at fireplace mantel images on the net, or in magazines. You should really have a quite great concept of what styles you like.

For the horizontal rectangular piece among the two legs, he applied each pine and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). We chose to use MDF for this bigger section since it is steady and has a nice smooth surface that effortlessly accepts paint. He cut the piece of MDF to 37” by 15”. He then attached four pine boards to the back of the MDF to give the middle section the same depth as the two legs. He applied three/4” stock that was 3 1/2” wide. He cut two pieces to 37” and two pieces to 13 1/2”. This is the top portion of the surround, and goes among the legs. Portion of this section will later be hidden with moulding.

For designers, balance creates a feeling of equilibrium and is not only accomplished through shape, but via color, pattern and texture as nicely. There are three types of balance: formal, which is where space is evenly split into two sides that mirror each and every other such as two chairs on either side of a coffee table, informal, which makes use of the visual weight of lines, colors, forms and textures with out duplication, and radial, which is achieved when there is a focal point to a room with other elements radiating from it or about it.