Ideas For Decorating Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace MantelsThere are endless possibilities with Reclaimed Wood Mantels! Contact us with the facts of your project and we can send you an e-mail with photographs of distinctive mantel styles that might fit your need. We can also schedule a viewing of our show room and lumberyard by request. You will really feel like a kid in a candy store! We have each and every size ranging from wonderful significant lodge style mantels, medium statement maker mantels and smaller cabin conversation stater mantels.

Be on the lookout for bargains or discounts, as they can save you a bundle. No matter how substantially you invest, though, you will be glad you did as soon as you see the impact of the mantle in your own residence. Not only that, but it’s not dollars lost by any means. A fireplace mantle and shelves are an investment in your home’s value.

Now you would need to have to adjust this list according to the finish you want. For example, we basically wanted a flat front surface to paint so sheet rock was a very good option for this project. If you want to add rock or tile to the front, it would be better to choose something a lot more durable like plywood. Also, on the major we reduce back on expenditures and got pressed wood for $7.00 rather than plywood for $30.00. We gave it a coat of prepared created drywall compound to fill in the cracks as a result providing us a nice smooth finish and powerful assistance for a flat screen Television later.

If you are in the market place for a thing a tiny bit more sophisticated and a tiny a lot more high-priced, you may take into account a marble or stone fireplace mantel. These mantels are developed to final longer than the residence will be standing nevertheless, if you are hunting to accomplish a powerful however sophisticated interior design statement, this could be the fantastic selection for you.

Marble gives off the feeling of elegance and class. It withstands time. Marble is used all through the world and utilizes the positive aspects of possessing an unbelievable choice of colors and patterns, not to mention some very competitive pricing structures. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two pieces of marble are alike as well. Over the course of time, the stone has developed it is own exclusive qualities and creates an everlasting beauty that is unmatched by something that man can produce.