Make The Most Of Your Closet

Sliding Closet Doorsadded four/28/08: Please see my updated post here for new information and instructions and a much more detailed account of how I addressed the bottom of the doors to get them to hang and operate perfectly.

Oh Gracenotes, I am SO content you did this project. I know you were thinking of carrying out the faux glass stain. I am so pleased that you are happy with the benefits. It is quite lovely when the light comes by way of windows completed this way. Please send me a digital photo by e-mail so I can see what you did, or far better but: write a Hub about your project! I am so pleased. You have created my day, buddy!

When your two side boards are installed, you can install the leading board. Repeat the preceding actions by cutting the board to length, planing it if want be. You could also trim the wood with a table saw and then sand it smooth if you don’t have a planer. That’s what we’ve accomplished in the past. Then you screw in the board and shim it out if required.

This Door is excellent to go in diverse designs, incorporating board, louvered, breadboard, glass, fabric or reflected inside, sheet and board up and tongue and section. This exception-constructed Door is expertly hand developed from premium and unyielding hardwoods, for example mahogany, basswood and Spanish cedar. A focal point stile is furnished to add solidness to a great Door.

Hold the rollers of the inside or back door so they line up with the track. Tilt the door sufficient to get the rollers to roll on the track and let the door to hang upright. Some rollers have a mechanism that you have to push in order to allow them to fit onto the track. Stick to the manufacturer’s directions for the style of roller you selected. Repeat the course of action to mount the second door.