My Jewelry In Candles (2)

Jewelry In CandlesToday’s giveaway is for a thing genuinely enjoyable: a candle with a jewelry surprise! I really like candles (who does not?) and you all know I Like jewelry – so this has been a fantastic treat to delight in this week. I got the chance to try out this hazelnut coffee scented candle from Jewelry in Candles , and got a cute pair of earrings as well. My rep Kasey Gordon is also giving a single away to a fortunate reader now – so you can try a single, also!

Necklace: The necklace is the most versatile piece of bridal jewelry in today’s times. It is offered in a range of designs and colors. The type of necklace is chosen based upon the neckline of the bride’s dress as well as the colour and pattern. According to fashion professionals, a extended necklace would appear superior with a deep neck, although a choker would suit a smaller sized neckline.

Unfortunately my ring is much more than probably only worth $ten.00 but no matter how a great deal the ring is worth it’s super cute. It is a yellow stone with a silver flower shaped base. I will put on it with anything it matches. They also sell tarts that have jewelry in them so if your much more of tart fan, these would be terrific for you.

JewelScent was the first brand I ever tried of jewelry candles, and so far, they are still my favored. My only complaint is that they do not have as several fragrance possibilities, and they alter their stock frequently. If you find a preferred scent, be forewarned. They had a fragrance named Cuban Nights. I loved it, but they have discontinued it, much to my dismay. If you order 1 of the new scents, Strawberry Fields (the one particular that I sampled) is quite good. I also tried the Pink Champagne, which I personally liked even a small additional.

That is ideal Valentines Day! Even even though it’s specifically for lovers you never have to have a ‘significant other’ to brighten someone’s day. We all know that youngsters appear forward to heart messages and chocolate filled heart boxes. Also what better way to show mom your really like than a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Even a simple card with a special message is appreciated by every person.