Roof Twins

Roof Leak RepairWe received a contact from a Prince William County homeowner requesting an estimate for roof repair due to ice damming. Let me show you the problem that they are getting. This is just only in their master bathroom. I saw many leaks like this back in 2010 when we had that Snowmageddon, exactly where we had a lot of sections of northern Virginia had four feet of snow.

When you comprehensive rubber roof repair inspection, you want to walk the roof and make sure to check around the roof perimeter and the roof edges. Lots of occasions the flashing on these location will fail sooner than other roof locations. This will lead to roof leaks. You can tell the age of a roof by seeking at the good quality of it’s joints and condition of the roof rubber.

We have a 2003 Jayco Eagle 24 ft. fifth wheel. We have torn out the tile in the kitchen region (in the rear) and the carpet in the non-slider portion of the dining/living area. We have decided to leave the carpet on the slider portion for now until we see how we do with the rest. We want to tile, possibly with tile squares as opposed to sheet, as it will be less difficult. Which is better – cement down or peel and stick? Will a water spill seep by means of the joints? Lastly, what is the very best way to attach the edge that is below the slider? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Adding insulation to the 6 inch cavities will aid, but hold in thoughts that the maximum R-value that you will get with ventilation is 4 1/2 inches simply because of the necessity of a minimum 1 inch air space all through the rafter cavities. Applying closed cell spray foam insulation to fill the cavities and have ventilation all through the roof will give you roughly an R-31.five. Nonetheless, working with closed cell spray foam negates the require for ventilation at all and will operate better if you basically do not ventilate the roof and have closed cell spray foam insulation installed. Whilst this is the most high-priced strategy, it will be the least problematic.

By checking the RV plumbing at least annually, most plumbing challenges can be prevented or repaired just before they bring about difficulty. Leaky faucets should be fixed as soon as possible by replacing the rubber seals and valve seats just as you would in your residence. It is a fantastic idea to replace them each two years even if they are not leaking.