Simple Mason Jar Candle Holders

Candle HoldersAs a caterer, I had collected dozens and dozens of smaller glass votive holders. I would scatter them about tables, tuck a few among the serving platters and line them along the walkways.

They are a way to connect to Christmas traditions from years previous. When you collect about to light the Christmas candles on your tree, think about your grandparents and other forbears, here or in the Old Nation. They seasoned the very same delight at the sight of their Christmas tree that you are experiencing now. You are breathing new life into a great old tradition.

An engaging hub with clear guidelines and beneficial step-by-step images! The finished candles looked incredibly vibrant and appealing! I am fond of candles and sadly, I now don’t have pillar candles as my apartment have a specialised 24/7 electrical technique. Nevertheless, I have Indian oil-lamps, handful of tea-light candles and gel candles. I will share your great thought with my relatives. Effectively-accomplished!

Just after you know whether or not you want or never want a glass covering your candle and specifically how higher you want your holders on your walls, the next point is to measure each wall for placement. Depending on how many you wish to spot on each wall, with a tape measure, measure how higher on the wall you want to location them. I suggest that you measure from the floor up the wall and mark the wall at the proper height using a pencil. Go about 12 inches over from your initially wall mark and repeat this process. Now you have two pencil marks on the wall at the same height about 12 inches apart.

Hi Rose, You are welcome! I think I went a tiny crazy with the Picasa photo collage tool but it is so entertaining and simple to use. I am SO glad that you wrote that hub about it! I saw exactly where Picnik will be going away soon and that bums me out mainly because it is such a neat plan. Hopefully they will replace it with a program that is at least as fantastic as Picnik. Anyway, terrific to see you and thanks for dropping by!