Woodtek 959578, Machinery, Band Saws, 24″ Band Saw 5hp 1ph 230v Half

Band SawA single of the most versatile tools you can have in your shop, this 9 in. bench top rated band saw tends to make rapidly, precise cuts in hardwood or softwood. The compact size of this band saw implies you save space on your workbench.

The size of material you can cut is determined by the throat dimension which is determined by the diameter of the guide and drive wheels. This means that a 14 inch band saw which has 14 inch diameter wheels will deal with up to a 14 inch cutting width. Smaller sized band saws at times use 3 smaller sized sized wheels to boost the cutting width. Once again, these smaller diameter wheels will shorten blade life.

Like I described earlier, the tension adjustment for the truss rod on my guitar is located on the peg head….so it needs a cover. I produced one particular from the scrap wood I had around boy routing a shallow channel in the base wood and filling it with contrasting wood. It is a easy shape but a pit over sized. I had some difficulty creating the adjuster nut flush or under the surface so the the cover would lay flat. I had to grind down the metal washer to a smaller size and also gouge out some wood to make the nut bear against a flat surface so as not to pull the rod up.

I just wanted to let you know that when you have been speaking, I was listening. Too many occasions when quoting a Hyd-Mech band saw things had been going smoothly till the dreaded conversation relating to lead time. Was that a pin drop I heard right after telling you the saw would be prepared in 17-24 weeks? We reside in a globe that when …

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