A Vintage Glass Doorknob DIY For Below $14! (2)

Glass Door KnobsThe re-use of old materials to make decorating accents and garden ornaments is a sustainable practice, cutting down on waste though generating exceptional and artistic products in an environmentally friendly fashion. Generating art has grow to be a lot far more enjoyable due to the elevated availability of architectural salvage.

Check out this video that shows Conestoga’s American Produced cabinet assembly. Note that there are NO cam locks. The sliding dovetails in the video make certain that it can’t come apart. EVER! The inside looks the similar … except … I have given that replaced the small door catch/latch thing. If I cared enough, I may well even just touch up the scuffs. But I do not care, persons. Sorry. I just don’t.

You can normally discover door knobs in antique stores and thrift shops but to get functioning knobs you will most likely want to go to an architectural salvage shop or look on the Online. EBay is a great source for antique and vintage door knobs. can drill throught e door to make a port for it on the door, but then you have an unsightly hole in the door on the opposite side of the closer.

Behind that cabinet with the baskets is a door to the bathroom. Hmmm…. there was a door going into the bedroom, also. I detest a bathroom door off the kitchen, so I closed it off and built a (much needed) closet behind it. Open the door and watch it close. If it closes appropriate the first time, verify it ten far more times. If it closes properly just about every time, you’re completed. If not, go back up the ladder and make a different adjustment, till the closer is carrying out what you want it to do. This door delivers privacy …

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