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WallpaperDisana kita bisa memilih sendiri ukuran yang pas dengan monitor kita, dan sebelum memilih kita sudah di beritahu kalo ukuran monitor kita berapa, kalo Ukuran saya sih 1280×800 (Ga ada yang tanya :P).

The earliest recognized wallpaper that nonetheless exists was found in 1911 on the beams at Christ’s College in Cambridge, England. It dates to 1509 and characteristics an Italian pomegranate design printed by woodcut on the back of a proclamation issued by Henry VIII. At the very same time, across the English Channel, French craftsmen had been generating single sheets of decorated papers for the middle-class marketplace. Having said that, these served far more as photographs that covered cracks in the wall than a wall remedy or main element of residence décor.

Adding to the overall appear and lighting of the wallpaper are the lamps on the fireplace mantel the lamps close to the windows right behind the fireplace and the light shining forth from inside the angel decoration on best of the tree. You genuinely can’t tell where the lights in the background are coming from, but this is partially a fantasy perform of art, so it really does not matter. It is simply good to look at and love.

We have no way of realizing what this leather paper price, but it was almost certainly a pretty penny. As we’ve noticed, these had been advertised in The Decorator and Furnisher, and seem to have been well-known amongst the elite as a wallpaper version of the actual thing—antique gilded leather. Leather papers have been not a new notion in 1893. They had been developed in the 1870s by Paul Balin, a higher-finish Parisian manufacturer.1 With so a lot discussion about gilts” and leather papers, let’s appear at some true gilt leather.

The wallpaper I like best is …

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