Fireplace Mantel Collections

Fireplace MantelsOur premier collection of fireplace mantels, accessible in a wide range of types and sizes, is unsurpassed in beauty and elegance.

Furnishings and accessories were elaborate and ranged from delicate to huge. Extravagantly ornate decorations, china, lace, stained glass, flowers, knick-knacks, busts, souvenirs, framed paintings or prints, multi-layered window remedies, richly patterned fabrics, and accessories galore were made use of liberally throughout the residence. Restraint was not portion of Victorian interior decorating. The outcomes varied, as one can envision, from a cluttered and stiffling space to, in the hands of the more skillful, a refined, sophisticated, complex, and warmly romantic room.

Wooden mantels and surrounds are ordinarily the least pricey variety, especially the paint grade solutions. A mantel made of wood with an appealing organic grain can be stained as an alternative of painted, but these are more pricey than the paint grade wooden mantels. 1 advantage of painted mantels, other than the price tag, is the reality that they can be painted to match any d├ęcor. They can also be distressed or treated with a crackle glaze and are great options for do-it-yourself projects.

If you are not searching for a bold fireplace mantle, for example, a stone mantel, then wood is almost certainly the best selection for your property simply because it is subtle. Wooden fireplace mantels create a soft, friendly really feel and are magnificent specifically in cozy, smaller rooms, such as bedrooms. A wood fireplace mantel will accentuate a residence that already utilizes wooden cabinetry and moldings. Wood comes in a variety of colors and kinds which is wonderful due to the fact the purchaser can come across the great match.

In the finish, deciding on the ideal electric fireplace unit for your dwelling comes down to a couple of simple questions. Are you an owner …

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My Humble Collections Rumblings

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