Fireplace MantelsA faux wood fireplace mantel brings character to any room. Its wealthy, rustic look adds beauty and style to a selection of interior designs. Even improved, it is less difficult to set up than a genuine wood mantelpiece and a lot additional sturdy.

We assist our consumers with every step of their fireplace mantel remodeling project from taking correct field measurements, through giving architectural drawings, delivering and installing their new, spectacular fireplace mantels. We also service contractors and designers with many fireplace mantel and architectural precast remodeling projects. Furthermore, we take pride in our potential to present our clientele with any custom fireplace mantel design, using either cast stone or all-natural stone. We also give a vast choice of custom overmantels, to make a breathtaking focal-point in any household interior.

It was at this time that Jason reduce out a 22 1/2” wide by 19 1/2” high portion of the beadboard so that we could insert the electric fireplace. The bottom of this cut began about two 1/4” off of the floor to let the hearth to slip underneath. We bought the fireplace insert at Menards when it was on sale. The brand is Chimney Totally free.

This is a wonderful symmetrical black and white show. The lack of color (except that pop of red), two bones, and the realistic skull commence this show out with a spooky feel, but the other products are not truly obviously scary. There is, even so, a chilling feel brought on by the spiky nature of the wreath, and the pointy white spirals, as properly as the bat garland which just about looks like barbed wire.

The Grandstock Series capabilities our extremely personal cast stone mantel designs, inspired by your preference. We listen to our clientele and we’ve noticed which designs are common possibilities. …

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