Wine Glasses As Candle Holders

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Candles can be smaller or substantial. Candle holders differ in size and style. I normally decide on my candle holder based on where I place the candle. What surface am I defending and what kind of holder would appear ideal in that particular place. The glass votive I made use of is made of clear glass so the glow from the tea light’s flame will pass through much easier. You could use a frosted or a colored glass, such as red or blue instead. Remove stickers, wash the glass with soap and water, rinse well and dry. I like this concept. I assume I will use silksp petals from the dollar shop and a battery candle, also from the dollar shop.

Orange – Orange can be used in candle magic spells intended to increase intellect. Combine with any other candle colour to boost their action. This colour is mentioned to attract the energy of Mercury. Do not mix scents that may well not match. You can create a great new aromatic mixture if you blend equivalent scents or scents that naturally go together. The Yankee Candles are so strongly scented that their aroma will likely predominate.

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