(Cereal Box) Lighthouse Candle Holder

Candle HoldersOne of the most preferred posts I did over the past year was the 5 Finger Snowman Ornament This was something I have performed almost each year with my guys. I love to see how their hand prints have grown over the years and how the ornament size has gotten larger in order to accommodate their hands.

Use a three x five inch wood base. The a single shown here is a scalloped edge French cut rectangle but a standard rectangle or an oval base will also work. Clean off any stickers and use sandpaper to smooth down any rough spots. Then give it a light sanding just to open up the wood pores then take away any dust. If you want to stain the base now would be the time to apply the stain. I would suggest the stain or varnish be applied just to the formed edges.

As a sign of status when candles were the only lighting possibilities the most effective of properties utilized precious metals to style their holders. This was considered a confident sign of wealth, simply because the popular people could not afford such a display. Largely the much less wealthy depended on metals like lead and pewter to fashion their holders from when the wealthy believed nothing at all of employing gold and silver to style theirs. In the end every single kind functioned the identical they held candles so that the candles could give light.

Then there is the added style that the appropriate holders can add to your room or patio. Yes, you can use candles on a patio or deck even if there is a breeze with the appropriate holders. Think about the old fashioned glass lanterns with the opening panel to access the candle. They look very clever hanging …

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