Hawaiian Petroglyphs

Wall PaintingTwenty years ago, a struggling actress attended a photoshoot with other models in a London Studio. The shoot was for reference images for The Illustrator’s Figure Reference Manual, a collection to be applied by artists who could not afford live models. She was paid £50 for which she had to pose in distinct outfits like an evening gown and a maid’s uniform.

Sometimes removing wallpaper isn’t an option. Older wallpaper is extremely tough to eliminate, if not not possible, because the original paste and primer underneath dried out long ago and now sticks to the wall like concrete. I had to eliminate 1950s wallpaper from the walls and ceiling in a significant bathroom when and the wallpaper would not come off with a heavy duty commercial steamer, or stripper, so I ended up preparing and painting the paper as an alternative and you couldn’t tell there was ever wallpaper underneath.

This is a timely subject for me. I am about to pull 12-year old carpeting up from my 97-year old stairs. The surface was originally varnished, but has paint smears collected over the years. The treads have organic grooves from wear. No matter if I paint or refinish the risers and treads, I think it would be ideal to initially strip the surfaces bare. I program on applying Peel Away (the non-toxic water-based chem stripper). I comprehend this raises the grain a bit, but that’s probably not a poor consequence in terms of traction. I welcome ideas or comments.

Rollers and bigger paint pads are genuinely very good for covering whole walls – but they can’t reach the edges. So you’ll require to finish these off with a brush or compact paint pad (a approach that’s frequently named ‘cutting in’). You can do this before or right after the most …

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