Camphor Danger To Wellness!

CamphorMenthol and Camphor can be excellent discomfort relievers, particularly when artfully combined in order to provide maximum benefits. Menthol is an alcohol product that is derived and extracted from cornmint oil. Cornmint is an herb that grows wild in China and Japan and yields an oil that is 60 to 70 per cent menthol. When menthol is applied to the skin, it produces a incredibly intense cooling sensation that subdues and counteracts discomfort. It also stimulates the nerves that give the perception of cold and suppresses the nerves that transmit discomfort.

Thanks for sharing all that info Nellieanna. I as well am of that generation exactly where our mother’s treated our ailments with all-natural ingredients handed down from their mothers and camphor solutions were employed. Genuine camphor is from that evergreen tree from Asia (in the photo) and the real merchandise are still on the marketplace. The tricky part is that the word ‘camphor’ can be utilized on synthetic goods like these balls and flakes which have the toxic chemical compounds that are so quick to solidify.

My aging bald scalp has developed poor itching (also considerably sun exposure). All the remedies, each OTC and RX did not give me relief. So I went back to ancient healthcare practices and tried camphorated oil. The closest to 20% was this solution at 19+% to the ancients. I use only about 5 drops twice a day. Good relief. Odor only lasts an hour or so according to my wife. I have just reordered. I am a retired MD and this is not advised by the FDA.

Then bend down at the ground near the altar…. it is fantastic which will allow the liquid to get distributedit is fantastic to try to do a pranam gesture by touching your fontanel bone location with …

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