The History Of Candles

Roman CandleAccording to A Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals, by Ann Ball (Our Sunday Visitor Books) , the practice of lighting candles in order to obtain some favor in all probability has its origins in the custom of burning lights at the tombs of the martyrs in the catacombs. The lights burned as a sign of solidarity with Christians nonetheless on earth. Mainly because the lights continually burned as a silent vigil, they became identified as vigil lights.

The Roman Catholics seldom use incense even though they have permission beneath the Common Instruction of the Roman Missal to use it in the following ways: At the entrance of a processional Mass (worship service) at the procession and proclamation of the Gospel Book preparing clergy, altar, cross, and congregants at the offertory placement of the elements (bread and wine) on the altar after the consecration (changing the components into the body and blood of Jesus) on the Paschal or Easter candle at Matins and Vespers of specific solemnity, and at funerals ( to honor the decedent with hope for their soul’s ascent into heaven).

Let’s all breathe out an ‘om,’” my instructor beckons. We all sit in a circle with our shoulders back. I peek by way of my closed eyelids and see everyone with their legs crossed like Buddha. I try to appear like I am comfy in that position. Then I hear the beginning of a gentle cadence of bass tones exuding from the mouths of the persons about me like monks in a monastery as they harmonize their Oms”, and these individuals are actually getting into it, like they are breathing out a demon or some thing, and you can smell the putrid air of Om,” and I fight my church giggles simply because I’m sorry, it just amuses me.

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