Who Invented Fireworks?

Roman CandleA lot of various nations lay claim to this wondrous feat but who truly invented fireworks? Most people agree that the initial recorded instances occurred in China during the 9th century about the Song Dynasty due to the discovery of gunpowder. Historians tell the story of a Chinese cook working in the fields who happened to mix sulfur, which is flammable charcoal, from burnt wood and either potassium nitrate or saltpeter, which is a salt substitute. The cook noticed the combination had a flammable force when ignited and when this sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate mixture was enclosed and then lit, the unsafe combination exploded creating a loud bang.

it is editors making news gang” battle” out of nothing at all like this that is destroying the news market. this is not a battle” it really is a game. you never bring a toy to a fight and assume you win. this is youngsters playing games. little ones have had roman candle wars for ever and it is just exciting and rarely causes something far more than minor burns. like paintball seldom leaves more than a bruise. this is why no 1 feels sorry for the news org that goes below. it all comes back to one particular point. dishonesty.

I came across this old image on Wikipedia. It is a image of some kids playing leapfrog in a street in Harlem likely in the 1930s. It reminded me of some of the games we played in the street and the school playground in the UK just right after WW2. I try to remember leapfrog but I’d forgotten playing it in a line where every single kid leaped more than all the other folks and then bent over at the front for the subsequent kid’s turn. This way the line would move steadily along the road. In some cases we did this on the way to college.

Recent reports in the everyday tabloids of the United Kingdom have earmarked the 5th of November, or Guy Fawkes Day, as a single of the days when malicious harm to house (and we aren’t speaking fireworks) is commonplace. Intentional harm to motor automobiles and private home seems to have taken over from the thrill of ‘Jumping Jacks’, ‘Roman Candles’ and ‘Sky Rockets’ of days gone by.

Ireland is a predominantly Roman Catholic nation and, as with several other Roman Catholic places of the world, Christmas mass is on the evening of Christmas Eve alternatively of the morning of Christmas. It is normally carried out and midnight, and everybody who attends the mass is offered a candle, blessed by the bishop of the church, to light.