Fireplace Mantels Surrounds

Fireplace MantelsNo matter if your property is contemporary, regular or someplace in in between, obtain a fireplace mantel design and style that fits your style.

Pictures are a natural decision for decorating fireplace mantels for both their visual appeal and significance. Never worry about size or dimensions when deciding upon images instead select those that represent your most cherished memories. You can bring significance and stature to the photographs on your fireplace mantle by matting your pictures in huge frames that compliment the area. Adding matting to your framed photographs creates more of an artistic appear and really feel, suited for a fireplace mantel.

Collections like the Monessen line, The CVH International Carved fireplace mantels line, and the gorgeous Mount Vernon Fireplace collection have been furnishing the fireplaces of households throughout North America. No matter if you are a traditionalist, an amateur of Victorian style in fireplace mantels or a minimalist, you can certainly find your desired style and price tag variety in the fireplace mantels showcased beneath.

Selecting the ideal variety of mantel for your fireplace is the most essential issue to look at. Diverse house motifs require distinct forms of fireplace mantels. For older homes which are preserved properly (which owners would want to further preserve) an antique fireplace mantel would be suitable. We are referring to colonial-style homes. The antique mantels have this specific timeless top quality in them that brings back the designs of the older eras.

An alternative to a fireplace mantel package are wall mounted electric fireplaces. These hanging heaters are about as deep as a flat screen Television. They present the very same warmth and ambiance with a contemporary look. For these who have a conventional mindset, particular electric fireplace inserts can also be recessed-in to existing walls. These products provide the classic look of a wood burning fireplace but with all the convenience of a realistic flame at the flick of a switch.