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I comprehend that to access the broken area, I have to get started taking out screws on the rear molding of the broken side, starting from bottom and operating up. I will also have to eliminate the ladder and tail light on the damaged side, but, is it also important to take away screws from the undamaged side as properly to get access? If not, this operate doesn’t seem as well poor. I just want to get a sense of what I am finding into.

There had been no nails exposed in the apron flashing and the step flashing on the side was installed correctly. Also, if the gutter up above was sagging that could also cause water to overflow to the back and leak down inside the open wall cavity in between the outdoors bricks and the drywall inside and would settle across the bump-out but almost everything was fine. The other day it rained extremely heavy and I was hoping if I did an infrared scan I would be capable to see some thing and confident sufficient I did, there was moisture noticed inside the wall from the two windows above and was leaking down to the bump-out window under.

Very first off, I believe you did a terrific job with this, so thanks for sharing. Second, effectively, my friend has been dealing with roofing repairs in Riverside, ca for a extended time, and he often hires the experts to assistance. But, points maintain happening and funds does not grow on trees but, so I am think he’d almost certainly do superior to understand how to do it himself. I consider it would save him a lot in the long run. I will have to share this with him.

Will the current roof be removed or will the new roof be installed more than top? Commonly, you can have a maximum of two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof. If there are already two layers, they should each come off. Be warned that despite the fact that you will save a lot of time, mess and expense by not removing the current roof, it could void the warranty for some shingles. Also, a second layer should not be deemed if the existing shingles are broken or curled.