A Guide To Fireplace Mantels

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There are a couple of points that I did differently, not simply because I wasn’t already in like with Sarah’s shelf (believe me I was), but due to the fact I wanted to use a piece of trim that I currently had in my garage that was just waiting for a project to come along. Also, I in fact forgot that the tutorial referred to as for brackets to hold it together, so I just pre-drilled my holes and utilized screws rather, which worked great.

The mantel is awesome and looks wonderful on a cultured stone wall. The only concern I would say is the durability, as is does dent and puncture extremely conveniently. Overall I am satisfied with the excellent and aesthetics of the mantel and would invest in again. I want I did not have to wait 6-eight weeks for the item but the wait is worth it in the end.

Fireplace mantels can be made from numerous varieties of wood, with oak getting the most common. You will want to retain in mind the design style of your property before generating a decision of material even though. What is your primary colour scheme? What is your major design element? Your fireplace mantel design can add to, or distract from, your home’s interior style scheme without the right decision of material.

Stone mantel shelves no matter whether made of limestone, marble or granite are excellent for aesthetic functions. House builders choose stones basically for the reason that they give lots of choices as they come in a assortment of colors and textures. They are each lovely and functional. In addition, they can also be treated in a number of diverse approaches delivering additional diverse alternatives that will surely match any discerning taste. It is likewise fireproof and tough, creating it the greatest material for a mantel shelf. It is also fairly low on upkeep. It usually just takes a soft cloth to wipe it clean.