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It is challenging to put feelings into words soon after reading this beautiful hub then getting out about your father’s passing. We share a enjoy of flowers and gardening (that I as well got from my father) and I know his loss will constantly be a loss. My father passed away 26 years ago and I still miss him and assume of him each and every time a see a rose! Protected journey. Voted up, wonderful and intriguing.

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The Lutheran tradition is primarily based on the beliefs of German monk Martin Luther pointed out earlier. He disapproved of all Roman Catholic dogma and practices that did not strictly adhere to Scripture. Some of the churches use incense in worship service as a vessel to take prayers up to heaven. Psalm 141:2 supplied evidence for their belief. They use incense at Eucharist, Solemn Matins and Vespers, on the Easter candle, and sepulchre of sacred altars. Clergy censes the altar, bread and wine, icons, themselves, and the congregants with a smoking thurible.

Fascinating stories. I was a kid in the Florida in the 1960s and we did some factors that would be unheard of currently also. For instance we no one in our area had a swimming pool and we applied to go out to play in the eye of a hurricane (the calm in the middle of the storm) and play in the flooded streets. Then when it began to storm again Mom would contact us back inside. Not some thing I propose. Fantastic lens and deserving of LOTD.