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Dave, I really like hearing that your considering has been provoked and, yes, I believe we will see Turkey rise even much more to the forefront as a consolidator of Islamic rule in the Middle East. I see them becoming a peacebroker in between the Sunni and Shia nations giving a loosely united Islamic expansion. The a single issue lacking in the above map of The Islamic Empire is the inclusion of Turkey and pockets of Europe.

Historians also credit Taoist monks in Far East Asia with getting the ones who invented fireworks about 1000 years ago. Scientist monks had been trying to uncover a potion to grant eternal life and immortality, and for the duration of their research, discovered the flammable gunpowder mixture. They poured this mixture into bamboo tubes, wedged each finish, and attached a detonator cord. These lit rockets made noise, smoke, and light and became the initially official firecrackers. Ancient Chinese used these loud explosive sounds to ward off ghosts and evil spirits, celebrate weddings, births, and birthdays, mark victories in battle, deaths, moon eclipses, and celebrate the New Year.

sedangkan kembang api dengan ukuran yang lebih besar, dan sangat disarankan untuk tidak dipegang dengan tangan pada saat menyalakannya. saran yang terbaik adalah mengikat kembang api tersebut pada tiang yang kokoh dan diatas tiang tersebut bebas hambatan. perlu diperhatikan, yang saya maksudkan disini bukan tiang listrik / tiang telepon, karena tiang listrik & telepon diatasnya ada kabel yang dapat membahayakan.

I enjoyed reading your lens! It is interesting to study about life as it was before my time! I’m operating on a lens about the year 1975, which is when I was born. If it were doable to travel back in time (time only moves forward!), I feel it would be entertaining to go back in time to see the globe from an adult point of view in the year I was born!