At Roman Candle, Stumptown’s Duane Sorenson Brings Pizza Bianca, Surprising Breakfast To S.E. Portland (Assessment)

Roman CandleCuisine and scene: Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson’s new Southeast Division Street cafe, bakery, sandwich shop and pizza bianca parlor.

Nine ‘clock rolls around. I have not written anything. I get back from the health club and it really is dark out, the steady Seattle rain falling, bringing with it the cold autumn weather that has been held off for the previous month. Pressure’s on. It feels like college once more and the many all-nighters I pulled to finish a paper on time. I require to write. I require to drink. Options. So many alternatives.

No Knife formed in 1993 and was from San Diego, CA. They combined elements of math rock, post-hardcore, and other indie rock elements. The band’s consisted of Mitch Wilson (vocals,guitar), Brian Desjean (bass), Ryan Ferguson (guitar,vocals).and Ike Zaremba (drums). The band released four albums Drunk on the Moon, Hit Man Dreams, Fire in the City of Automatons and Riot for Romance! No knife offically broke up in 2003. They play a handful of reunion shows in 2009 but in no way officially got back collectively.

The father of the household lights the Advent wreath on the very first Sunday, and each and every day throughout the first week of Advent. He lights the initially purple candle opposite the rose a single on the wreath. Every single night, the exact same initial candle is lit. The father prays aloud that with the lighting of the Advent wreath, the light of Christ may well be kindled in the hearts of the family.

As Christmas approaches in 2011, I am reminded of a different activity we little ones loved to do in the 1940s: carol singing. I would wander the streets far and wide with a couple of friends, all under ten years old, out soon after dark, dressed as warmly as doable, bearing in mind we only wore brief trousers, singing Christmas carols on people’s doorsteps.