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Following all the drilling was full, I removed the protective paper from both sides of the drilled plexiglas and cleaned the plexiglas completely. Compressed air operates really nicely to blow out all the holes of remaining plastic bits and pieces. I cleaned both sides of the plexiglas with detergent and from there on only touched the plastic though wearing gloves.

Exclusive use for structural steel. Protector supplies lengthy blade life and prevents tooth breakage, eliminating excessive tooth stripping. It can withstand the shock of interrupted cuts, permitting for heavier penetration for faster cutting rates. Protector makes use of a broaching style set pattern made to remove pinching, which prevents the blade from binding the reduce.

Just simply because the blade is recommended for each wood and soft, non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminum, copper, and so forth.), it doesn’t imply your wood bandsaw is suitable for cutting each sorts of material. It is important to preserve in thoughts that the blade you purchased may well also be applied on other kinds of bandsaws, such as our G0640X or G0621X, which are specially created to reduce each wood and metal.

The next step in the finishing method is sanding and polishing. I progressively sanded the tabletop with sandpaper grits, beginning at 180grit all the way up to 6000. I did most of the sanding with an electric palm sander and some portions by hand. The 1000-6000 grit papers are best utilized with water (wet sanding) and develop a true glass, polished appearance. You can ordinarily come across the high grit sandpaper at automotive/autobody shops.