Determination Of The Molar Entropy Of Camphor (2)

CamphorCamphor, C10H16O is an aromatic crystalline compound which is obtained from naturally from the wood or leaves of the camphor tree or synthesized. The camphor is employed in this experiment to determine its molar entropy of fusion. Molar entropy of fusion is denoted as ( ), which represents the entropy increases when a certain substance is melting. The entropy is usually depends on the state of the substance. The disorder in entropy of a substance is the lowest in solid state, whereas liquid is much more disorder and followed by gas state with highest disorder in entropy. In another words, the degree of disorder increases in the transition from a closely packed molecule arrangement solid to the disorganized molecules arrangement of liquid state. But, in this experiment, the entropy of camphor is the energy absorbed by the camphor is disturbed by the adding of naphthalene in the technique.

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