Developing A Mantel For Beneath $100 & Mounting A Television To A Brick Fireplace

Fireplace MantelsA hearth and fireplace are the symbols of a family members residence even if the fireplace is an electric fireplace or stove. Remodeling the mantel by refinishing it or adding a historic mantel or stone mantel will substantially modify the appear and feel of the space. Considering the fact that some communities have curtailed wood burning fireplaces or stoves due to pollution, electric stoves or gas stoves present the exact same warmth and cozy atmosphere. Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits supply extended use of the patio on chilly nights. Get some new suggestions from these Hubs.

These are so cool! I found your hub by surfing about Hubpages – I am not sure why I have not heard of these before! I Enjoy the way the way that the a fire tends to make a room feel. I made use of to have a ‘real’ fireplace but did not use it as typically as I wanted mainly because it was such a discomfort. Now I have a gas fireplace and use it a lot in the winter – but it sits untouched in the summer time. I used it a lot last winter and but then promptly scaled back as soon as I got the gas bill (which quadrupled.) I like the notion of obtaining the ambiance of a fire with out the heat – and then becoming capable to ‘turn on’ the heat in addition to the flame in the winter.

That is lovely. We also constructed a faux wall fireplace, but we place our flat screen television in the major and utilised the sticky tiles and grouted about them to make them look like true stone tiles, it looks awesome. We place an old fashioned electric heater that appears like a wood burning stove and faux cute, on the hearth. Under the mantel my hubby added a shelf to place all the electronics. I would post a picture but we had to wipe out laptop not too long ago and the photos didn’t get saved..sigh!!

Choose mantel props that have varying colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Just as you’ve carried out with the rest of your staged property, keep away from compact stuff and go for significant, clean shapes. That doesn’t mean you can not use found objects from nature. Branches, pinecones, shells, rocks, feathers, and driftwood can be great mantel props.

If you are ever in doubt about which Christmas mantel scarf design and style or color to use, you will in no way miss if you go with white or cream-colored lace scarves, as they are neutral in color and will function with just about anything you may possibly make a decision to decorate with, or with whatever colors the rooms of your home are painted or covered in.