Discreet Rodent Control Experts

When you need to call in a local pest control services provider, please don’t be embarrassed. Pests are a fact of life.

At Pest Control Berkshire, sensitive to the dread that clients feel about vermin pest control, they wear unmarked uniforms and drive plain vehicles; they pride themselves on discretion.

Local pest controllers from leading firms have the most effective and pocket friendly solutions, health and safety knowledge, pest related expertise and experience. Rodent control is a key focus area for pest control specialists because the populations are increasing to staggering numbers. It is estimated that there are over 15 million rats in the UK and Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire have their fair share to contend with.

Rodents are opportunists who appreciate access to a warm, safe home, food and water, rather like us.

Vermin Pest Control Requires Quick Strategic Thinking

The Brown Rat, Black Rat and the House Mouse are common problems in the UK.

House Mice, Mus Domesticus, are active throughout the year and are distinguishable by their large eyes and ears and small feet. They are 7-10cm in length plus a similar length tail and they can weigh anywhere from 12-30 grams. They particularly enjoy cereals and eat around 3 grams of food per day. They reach maturity by 12 weeks and have up to 8 litters per year of up to 16 babies.

The Brown Rat, Rattus Norvegicus, also called the Norway Rat, is a common pest but rest assured, it was the Black Rat, Rattus Rattus, which carried the plague. The Brown Rat is the only kind that lives in sewers.

Approximately 40cm in length, the tail is shorter than its sturdy body.  This rat has a blunt nose and small ears. They will eat up to 30 grams of food, whatever they can gather, per day. Although they’ll eat almost anything to survive, they won’t obligingly dine on poison because the humans want them to.  They’ll scurry to their friends and tell them about a suspected hazard. Super-rats have evolved so that they are resistant to many over the counter treatments and eat them unaffected, even going back for second helpings.

They reach maturity by 12 weeks, have up to 6 litters per year of up to 8 young.

A local pest control operative knows that cunning and outwitting the intelligent vermin is essential to success; it can often be a progressive process rather than a one hit eradication.

Enjoy peace of mind and comprehensive results

Pest Control Berkshire’s local pest control services are registered under the BASIS PROMPT scheme.

To achieve membership in the PROMPT scheme, a firm must possess one of the following qualifications:

  • The RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award or Level 2 Certificate in pest control or above.
  • The Royal Society of Health Pest Control Certificate.
  • The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Diploma, Part I or II.

Technicians are trained by the British Pest Control Association and the company is certified by the Royal Society for Public Health. Specialists are regulated under the Health and Safety Executive.

Your rodent control is in safe hands.