Driveway Snow Melt Systems (2)

Heated DrivewayDriveway snow and ice melt systems are a great way to an less complicated and safer winter – and when it comes to quality installation, Rodenhiser is the specialist in Massachusetts.

Hey Eddie, i have not had time to pull back the carpet but i tried water testing the front and the sunroof drainers they look fine! I discover this really weird although, its been raining a tiny bit down right here and the back and middle section of the car is not wet but the carpet in front of the front passenger seat is damp but not boot exactly where i assumed the water is coming from! I am planning to get my buddy to put the hose on my auto when i sit inside, any other items i really should also attempt ? This is really confusing trigger i initially believed the water was coming from the back, as i saw signs of rust but then the front passenger seat got damp and not the rest.

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Hi, I have a Nissan Primera 2002. It does have a sunroof and I will check the pan and so forth. as per tips above. Even so, it has water inside the rear driver’s side, even when it does not rain! Its not coolant / windshield wash / windscreen has not been replaced either. Could it be linked to the air conditionaing unit? The water is clear. Please assist! Numerous thanks!

You may possibly have two leaks, the headliner leak is not caused by the AC, it has to be either the sunroof drains, the windshield or possibly a roof rack if you have a single. The water on the floor could be the AC evaporator drain that has become disconnected or clogged. You just have to have uncover the drain tube under the car or truck and blow compressed air up it to unclog it or appear under the dash on the passengers side at the foot nicely, look for a black hose going from the evaporator housing to the firewall, make confident it really is connected.