Evolution of Trade Materials

Evolution of Trade Materials

When it comes to the materials needed to build a home, there are always certain items that will always or should I say nearly always remain a constant. Materials such a wood or bricks, or nails and bolts are essential to just about any construction project. That being said there are always new products that appear on the market, some of which can be quite popular, such as smart devices for your home or the latest bathroom taps and hardware. There there’s always those other products whose popularity can be somewhat short lived, such as asbestos sheeting for obvious reasons.

After recently making the trip to our local home renovation and trade show there are a few things that I took away from the visit, and I’ve listed some, but not all of these below.


Wood is good, but only if it’s ethically sourced. Luckily these days, many countries have invested in programs which replant more than what is sourced and used for lumber. After all, the trees from which lumber is often obtained will not only help put a roof over our heads but also generates the air which we breathe. 

Synthetic Lawns

Outdoor spaces really seem to be opting towards the uptake of Synthetic lawn. With the fast pace of a modern day lifestyle, it seems to make sense that more and more people are opting towards this trend. Further points of consideration are the benefits to people who suffer from hayfever, especially if it’s caused by cut grass. This is also best grass for dog owners if their pets also suffer from grass allergies. On top of that there’s no more needing to worry about digging and muddy patches in the yard, not to mention the removal of maintenance jobs such as mowing and edging.

Outdoor decking frames.

Continuing on the outdoor entertainment area idea, these outdoor decking frames are a since to assemble, and give you easy access to adjust for uneven surfaces. Combining this product with a Modwood deck, means it will probably end up outliving you! New Modwood decking materials combine plastic and recycled wood, giving it the look and feel of traditional wooden decking except with a high resistance to weather, wood rot, termites, splintering, and are sustainably sourced. 

Steel House Frames

This product is actually pretty awesome. On paper a steel house frame costs more, but when you factor in that it comes from the factory pre-assembled reducing build on site times significantly. On top of that it is resistant to fire & termites, and is significantly stronger than wood, so looking to use a steel roof truss makes it ideal for homes deigned with large open plan living areas.

Induction Kitchen benchtops

This concept might seem like a bit of a gimmick, but the through behind it really is quite remarkable, and could possibly open up a new avenue of kitchen cooktop ideas. Essentially an induction cooktop is built into a kitchen benchtop. The this gives a seamless appearance essentially looking like a normal bench to the untrained eye. It removes the risk of damage to the bench by placing a hot pot on a surface which could receive damage. It also means that there are no protruding edges making the whole surface super easy to clean when you’ve finished cooking. 

The only drawback to a product like this is the cost is quite high, as you essentially are purchasing a cooktop and a benchtop. While this might be justifiable for new houses, if you need to replace these both if something breaks over time, it’s not ideal. Of course in time this might become what everyone wants, and with higher demand the costs would likely decrease eventually. But who knows!

UPVC Windows and Doors

This finishings for window and door materials are by far superior from an energy efficiency perspective. Double glazed windows and doors are really a must in any new home, but the added thermal efficiency of UPVC in the frame as well as the durability and longevity makes it a good choice. If you wish to build your home for the future and not have to fix rotten wooden frames (and constantly revarnish them, then this is the smart choice. They even now are produced in a larger variety of colours including a faux wood design, which from the street would look like wood to any passers by.

The exhibition had plenty of other interesting and exciting displays, but these were the ones which resonated well with me and are still present in my memory. That being said, I can’t wait to go again next year and see what the newest, latest and greatest products might be!