Fireplace Mantel Surrounds

Fireplace MantelsFireplace mantels are functional design components that add character and depth to your space although displaying your exclusive taste and style. A rustic fireplace mantel can transform a living space. A mantel, irrespective of whether you select to have an complete surround or just the shelf mantel, could be just what the interior designer ordered for a dull living room.

Fear not. There is hope for the eyesore that is your present fireplace. A makeover can be accomplished by seasoned do-it-yourselfers or by hiring a licensed contractor. It all depends on your budget and ability level. To get your inventive juices flowing, right here are a few concepts that will give your tired, old fireplace a wonderful new appear!

There are also fireplace covers that you can purchase that match inside the fireplace opening, covering the fireplace but not the mantle. Or, attempt constructing your personal cover by designing a box that can be covered in wood paneling or drywall. If drywall is employed, just paint it the identical color as the surrounding wall, transforming an unused fireplace into a constructed-in shelving unit. Or, make the box the complete height of the room to cover the fireplace mantle area as nicely. By making use of these procedures, the fireplace will be hidden, but if you transform your mind, or sell your residence, you can quickly uncover the fireplace.

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Simply because the mantel does not have to be reduce from a solid piece of limestone, the expense is substantially reduced. With true limestone mantels, the bigger the mantel is, the far more important the cost becomes due to the will need for a solid piece of limestone to be cut down. Cast stone can be applied in molds of any size or shape. Because the casting process is a great deal quicker and far more efficient than carving limestone, mantels can be made on a much bigger and faster scale, minimizing costs even additional.