How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel

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The initially graphic depicts a full column surround. The columns are fully turned. Despite the fact that these columns are sort of Greco – Roman in style, other turnings are possible as in the image at the best of the web page. Considering the fact that the columns are full, the mantel will protrude additional into the living space and so it is essential that you have the obtainable space.

The industrious middle classes were able to mass-produce designs that would have only been previously obtainable to the wealthy, and as a result they had impressive fireplaces in the drawing and dining rooms – fireplaces presented in other rooms too, such as bedrooms, but these have been on a considerably smaller scale. The wealthy have been fortunate adequate to be in a position to select any decorated designs that appealed to them.

The very first thing you want to do is verify out the decor of the area and decide what it is that you want to do with your fireplace mantel when it comes to the colour and decor. You can use anything like candles, sculptures, or flowers to bring out the colors of the space and give the mantel a touch of accent to the space. The use of fabric can be utilized to drape more than the mantel or you can add photographs or something else that tickles the decorating bug in you. If you plan on making use of candles, sculptures, or pictures, preserve it at an odd quantity to develop a additional balanced look at the mantel.

Most mantel shelves are easy to install, as lengthy as you adhere to the directions and have the required tools. You require to assure that you mount it to wood studs and that the shelf is mounted a safe distance above the fireplace. The National Fire Protection Association recommends at least six inches above your fireplace opening. Deeper shelves that extend outward much more than one particular and a half inches beyond that opening must be installed at least a single foot above to stay clear of fire hazards. These are minimums you can absolutely move your mantel shelf greater, but maintain it to eye level if you are going to display products there.