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I’m a mother of four remarkable tiny boys, a daughter and three fur babies. I am the wife to a really wonderful man !!!! I am a Ruby DIstributor For It Operates Worldwide. I like becoming in a position to support modify the lives of so a lot of people !!!! I function as a rep for Jewelry In Candles! I am my own boss for K10’s kreations exactly where I paint, crochet , craft and do floral designs.

The final cause that I chose Jewelry In Candles, is for the reason that the enterprise is comparatively smaller compared to Avon/Mary Kay, and all of the major direct sales corporations. This is a big plus because the industry is not saturated with representatives. This suggests there is a lot more opportunity to recruit and incredibly tiny competitors when driving sales. To put this into perspective, Avon has 6 million representatives, when JIC has not ever cracked 150,000 reps yet!

Jewelry has a much more objective worth, I suppose, at least in terms of no matter if the materials are deemed worth something or not, but fashion is about fantasy, and possibly here much more than anyplace, there is a place for the low-end mixed with the higher — following all, combining worthless thrift-shop finds with couture is normally regarded as the mark of a very fashion-forward individual.

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