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Fireplace MantelsThe inviting warmth and crackling flames in a fireplace naturally draw men and women to collect about the hearth. Historically, the fireplace has been an integral component of the household as one of its central capabilities. Original hearths not only warmed the room, they had been the hub of meals preparation and family members interaction. With today’s modern floor plans and conveniences, the fireplace has evolved from its original purpose to develop into a prominent architectural element with a social function.

The Victorian era rushed in with an abundance of ornamental fireplaces. Yet, the function was beyond frugal, it was the only indicates of warmth. Now numerous are returning to the wood burning stove and fireplaces as a way to augment the utility bills. The entertaining now, is we can even set up an electric fireplace – consider no mess and yet no wonderful aroma of the wood burning.

He then wrapped the top rated of the surround with a piece of inverted base molding and a piece of crown moulding. We chose to use the inverted base molding to make the crown appear extra substantial. The base molding was purchased at Menards and the crown moulding, which was five 1/4” wide was purchased at The Property Depot. Following getting appropriately placed, it was nailed to the surround.

One particular point that could be a big factor when it plays a element in deciding which fireplace is correct for you will be the price. Fireplace mantel are to be identified incredibly expensive. Stone as well as wood fireplace mantels commence at any which way seven hundred dollars for just a bare, necessary mantel. When you add in the particulars that you are looking for, it can result when it plays a component in a bill of several thousand dollars. There is an second to this enormous fees. There are fireplace mantel kits on the marketplace that make feasible the do-it-yourselfer to set the fireplace mantel of their dreams. The kits start at about two hundred and fifty dollars.

Due to the fact of the significance of a fireplace mantel in a space, pick out treasured products in your property that represent your household history, objectives, and ideals. This may perhaps mean an antique item passed down through the family members, artifacts gathered from household travels, or something symbolic like a decorative compass to signify your family’s unwavering pursuit toward an ultimate objective.